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“Per Grazie Ricevute” Prize on the ex-voto phenomenon

First Edition

(deadline extended)



The Fondazione P.G.R. announces the first edition of its “Per Grazie Ricevute” Prize. The Prize of €2000 will be awarded biennially for the best thesis/dissertation on the ex-voto phenomenon (from either the artistic, historical, socio-economical, cultural, anthropological or devotional point of view, in any religious tradition and with no chronological limitations).


1. Eligibility

To be eligible, candidates must meet the following criteria:

– to be 35 (or younger) by the deadline ;

– to have successfully defended an MA, MPhill, or PhD thesis/dissertation regarding the ex-voto phenomenon during the three years previous the deadline. Works must be in either Italian, English, Spanish or French.

2. How to submit

An application (including personal data; mail and email addresses; phone number and current employment) must be submitted by post to the address of the Foundation together with:

a) two copies of the thesis/dissertation;

b) copy of a valid I.D.;
c) a curriculum studiorum (including, whether applicable, a list of publications);

d) an English abstract for those works in either Spanish or French.
Furthermore, a .pdf file of the thesis/dissertation should by sent to the email address of the Foundation.

The deadline for applications is July the 15th 2021.

The documentation cannot be returned to the candidate.

The Foundation reserves the right to keep a copy of the thesis/dissertation in its Library.

3. Criteria

Typical criteria applied should be scientific research and/or interpretative originality, methodological consistency, depth of critical analysis and literary quality. Among two works of equal scientific value, the Foundation will favour the candidate who has not yet found a permanent academic position.

4. Adjudicating panel

The Prize will be awarded by the Foundation on suggestion of the adjudicating panel. The panel includes the president and the board of directors, although external experts might be consulted during the deliberating process.  

5. Announcement

The winner will be announced on the website by September the 30th 2021.

The winner is expected to present his or her research within a seminar or a conference organised by the Foundation. His or her costs of participation will be covered by the Foundation. 


Milan, November the 11th 2020   

Il presidente

Cecilia Cefis Zuliani

Fondazione P.G.R.

Piazza S. Erasmo, 5 ~ 20121, Milano ~ +39 366 45 04 872 ~

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